Materials, Process & Turn-around

3D printing complements 3D CAD design beautifully, as it provides a swift and economical alternative to the conventional technologies generally used to create conceptual and functioning prototypes.

Many businesses and design specialists leverage models and prototypes in order to test new product designs and functionality. They’re also a beneficial method for getting customer feedback on newly developed products and designs. This can be used to adjust prototype modelling or further develop and enhance a specific product or design.

At the moment, the 3D print materials applied in the production of prototypes include resins, polymers and plasters, although you can expect new ones to become available in the not-too-distant future. The 3D print material you use will ultimately depend on your prototype and the nature of your project. Core factors that have a bearing on the prototype material deployed include areas such as how durable the model needs to be, and how complex the project is from a geometrical aspect.

The material you select will also influence the process used to create your prototype. Some processes only print in monochrome, while others can produce full-colour materials.

As 3D Creation Lab grows, we will be incorporating the latest materials and technology in to our list of core competences, so keep abreast of the latest developments via our blog.

The 3D print process

3D printing deploys a technology that converts 3D digital designs into physical objects for use as prototyping, tool components, special effects in TV/film production, ornaments – even fully-functioning production parts.

Various processes are applicable to 3D printing, but they share a fundamental principle – namely the conversion of 3D digital design into ultra-fine cross-sections upon which material is deposited in order to create an object in 3D, which is known as Additive Fabrication or AF.

Turn-around time

This will depend on your model’s size and our current workload, but as a general rule, you should allow 4-7 working days for turn-around.

Urgent project?

If your project is urgent, please let us know when we’re quoting for the job, as we may be able to fulfil your order in as little as 24 hours.

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